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Would you like to sell more custom jewelry? Here at Hindley’s Jewelry, we make creating custom order jewelry easy. Just send us your customer’s ideas and let us take care of the rest.
    We specialize in building high quality, made-to-order jewelry at a price that leaves plenty of room for markup. Our services will help you raise profits and ensure satisfied returning customers.

    In order to make all this possible, we are proud to offer the latest technology in CAD CAM jewelry design. Each piece of jewelry is individually designed in computer software and wax carved using precise, jewelry specific, 4 axis milling machines. This process helps to create highly detailed and accurate jewelry quickly and efficiently, making stone setting a breeze. 

    Imagine pave’ setting with pre-formed prongs. Your goldsmith will love this! Any changes to designs can now be made painlessly with a quick adjustment to the computer model. This technology, coupled with the skill and expertise of 30+ years of hand wax carving experience, offers endless possibilities. 

    To ensure complete satisfaction we provide accurate price estimates, expert advice, and the ability to view computer renderings before the final piece is cast. From wax models to complete finished and set pieces, we offer services at every phase of the production process.

    Even though many of the jewelry stores we service have on-site goldsmiths, Hindley’s provides the perfect complement!  We offer the latest technology and services that are not typically offered by smaller shops including Laser Welding, Micro Tig Welding, Platinum casting, and Micro Pave’ setting. We also offer full goldsmithing services, including FREE delivery to the Spokane area.
Some of these services are:

Digital Imaging
Wax Models
Casting and Finishing
Stone Setting
Watch Repair
All repair and trade shop services